Monday, February 18, 2013

Trip to Koro Island

We had a lovely trip to Koro Island on Thursday,  we started off early so we could get across the Koro sea before the wind picked up.

About 30 mins out, we saw birds working so thought we would put the lines out & see what happens, we reached the birds but it was only small skippies & they were travelling so fast.

We didn't want to waste too much time as we had another 1 1/2 hours before we would reach Koro, so pulled lines in & carried on our way

Having done the business we went to Koro for, we headed home, first trolling along the reefs off the Island.
We weren't having any luck here so decided to pull the gear in & head for the seamount to see if there was anything working there.

There wasn't any sigh of birds or fish so after trolling around for a hour started to head home.

Up ahead I saw a few big splashes, Yellowfin I thought! as we got closer I saw that they were Dolphins jumping high out of the water, soon they were all round the boat, I tried to take photos of them, but somehow always missed them jumping.

They stayed with us for about 10 mins they headed off , so we did the same.  wish we could have caught a fish for dinner though.  with the weather being so hot think the fish had gone really deep.

Never mind there is always a next time to catch fish, seeing those Dolphins made the day for me.

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