Friday, August 27, 2010

Trolling Along The Reef

Over the last week or so we have been experiencing a spell of strong winds, & very rough conditions.

A couple of men on holiday from Sth Africa, decided they wanted to give fishing a try anyway.

As we headed out, we were getting good size waves, one of the comments was, "This reminds me of the Perfect Storm".

Thinking it was too rough for them, we started to head back inside, no, they wanted to carry on out.

Slowly we worked our way to the Seamount, nothing much happening, no birds working either, after a while we caught a few small Yellowfin but nothing big about.

Finally a nice Mahimahi, was in the boat, Andrew was happy as he hadn't caught a Mahimahi before, & that was the biggest fish he had caught.

On the was home, the waves had receded a little so we worked our way along the reefs. This is always a nice way to go back in, as it is lovely seeing the waves breaking along the edges of the reef.

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