Monday, August 30, 2010

Delivery To Super Yacht

We had just come in from a charter, when I got a call, asking if we could do a delivery to a Super Yacht, anchored off Namena Island, the next day.

Yes we could, so all the arrangements were made, the freight would be arriving into Savusavu on the first plane in the morning, having arrived from New Zealand the night before.

As usual, when we expect the plane to arrive on time, it is always delayed, & this is exactly what happened this time.

Anyway, the cargo finally arrived at the Copra Shed Marina & we started loading the cartons onto Searov, there was over 100kg of fresh vegetables & fruit, so it took a little while to store away safely.

With the cargo was a Customs Agent & a man from the Agriculture department, to check the cargo & make sure it was delivered to the Yacht.

The wind got up about 15 mins out of the entrance from Savusavu, so it wasn't going to be the calm trip we were hoping for.

A hour & a half later we were along side the Yacht, & began the unloading, this didn't take long as we got a chain working.

Once everything was aboard, they started unpacking the goods & gave us back the empty cartons & their rubbish to take back to Savusavu.

Soon, we were heading back to Savusavu, wind was still strong so it was a rough ride back, didn't see all the whales we had sighted the day before, while out fishing though.

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