Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Savusavu Seawall

This morning we had the Paul Gauguin arrived in port for her return visit, with her new load of passengers.
There were a few more passengers on board this time, a lot more going out diving with our local dive operators.
It should be a fun day for them, as some of the dive spots in this area, are well known dive sites.

After years of waiting, work has begun, on the upgrading of the road that goes down to the Cousteau Resort, people along this stretch of road have been waiting years, to have it repaired.

During Cyclone Thomas, it was further damaged, some parts becoming dangerous during very high tides, & during storms, as parts of the seawall was washed away.

On our drive along the road today, the digger was busy building a retainer wall, which will help, in stopping further corrosion of the wall.

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