Monday, May 10, 2010

Savusavu Fishing

The weather in Savusavu over the last week or so has been the best.
Beautiful mornings, with just a cool breeze, & sunny days with very calm seas.

We just had to go out this morning, as we don't know how much longer this weather will last, it was 6.15am, when we finally got away.
The sea was like glass, just the wake of the boat making waves on the ocean.

It took us a little while to find the birds, but once we had, we soon had a double strike, landed 1 lost the other.

A few more fish on board, then the reel starts to spin out, Terry stars to wind it in while I come down to bring in the rest of the lines. It is a nice Wahoo, but before it gets close to the boat it bits through the nylon trace, & is gone. These fish have razor sharp teeth, 1 lure down.

Later another double hook up, land one but the Mahi mahi gets off, I couldn't get down quick enough.
Next, Terry is bringing in a small Yellow fin when the outside line reels off, the fish goes straight down, we think it could be one of those big Yellow fin Tuna we saw jumping out of the water a while back, Terry gets into the chair & tries to wind it in, sadly a few minutes later the line snaps, another lure gone.

We are in amongst birds when the line goes screaming out again, Terry grabs it & I come down & start to wind in the rest of the gear, after a while Terry realizes it is a shark, he plays it for 20 minutes, this time he gets it right by the boat, I get ready to take another picture when wham, it snapped the line, & was gone, lure number 3, think that is enough for one day.

On the way home we hook another nice Mahi mahi, it jumps right out of the water & throws the hook,well it will be there for another day!

We end up with 3 Yellow fin, 4 skip jack tuna, & 1 small barracuda, not bad but it would have made us a lot happier if we had been able to land the big ones.

All up we had a good fishing day,& the weather was perfect, what more could we ask for!

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