Sunday, March 7, 2010


It is another beautiful day here in Savusavu, lovely sunshine with a very light sea breeze.
We did manage to go out fishing last Monday

When we got to the sea mount, birds were working & fish schools were seen. We had a strike within a few minutes & had landed our first Skip jack Tuna, & thought we were in for some good fishing.

That was the only fish that made it into the boat, we had lots of fish on, but as soon as we started to bring it it, the sharks would appear & take the fish.
Terry played one for about 20 mins, got it to the boat, but the bib on the rapala broke off, at least we got all of the line back.

That day we lost 4 lures, to sharks.
In the end we gave up & headed home, lures are too expensive to loose that way especially when we weren't able to get any fish in quick enough.

As the weather is so nice we might venture out again next week, but will have to go somewhere else, where the sharks won't be around, we hope

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