Wednesday, March 17, 2010

After Tomas

After waiting since Friday, Tomas finally passed us about 1.30am, on Tuesday, I don't want to go through that again, not for a long, long time.
Again we had Lady Luck on our side & Tomas moved slightly more to the east so we were spared the direct hit, that we were expecting.
Even though, the winds were pretty strong, at times the house would shudder, ( we have a new, well built house) Terry & I would look at each other & not say a word.
Sea Rov rode the storm very well, Terry was kept updated through out the night by the person on his yacht moored next to Sea Rov, it was so bad at times, he had to put his engine on to keep the yacht into the wind.
Only one boat broke it's mooring, & landed up on the reef just away from us, thankfully it missed all the other boats on the way, before going on the reef.
I haven't got a picture of this yet, as we have been too busy cleaning up the property.
We, like a lot of other people, lost a lot of coconut & banana trees. there is hardly anything left of the tropical plants I had planted around the place, but all these things can be replaced, & in this country, it won't take long before it is all growing again.
Power came back on to the town area last night. & we got it connected this evening, so things are slowly getting back to normal.
The smaller Islands in the path of Tomas would have taken a beating as the seas were huge.
The Government Officials were doing a survey today to see how the people on these Islands fared. Once they get back into Suva we will have information on how they are.

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lynne said...

Thanks for posting these. We can only IMAGINE the force of those winds as we sit on the other side of the world. It looks really beautiful down there.