Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Last Ships Visiting Savusavu In 2009

Gosh, it is December already, this year seems to have passed quicker than ever, it must be because we are getting older.

Well, we have had the last tourist boat in for the year, unfortunately we won't be getting as many visiting next year, this will be hard on the local handcraft sellers, that have had a good year with the amount of ships visiting over the last 11 months.

Last month we had a record 4 boats visiting, Pacific Dawn was the only large one, & as always the locals were very happy with the tourist dollars that were spent here.

We haven't been out fishing since the last entry about the sharks, but have to give it a try again soon.
With the introduction of daylight saving on Sunday, have to give our bodies a week or so to adjust, to the hour we lost.

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