Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cyclone Mick In Fiji

We can count our blessings this morning, as Cyclone Mick left Fiji shores.

In Savusavu we were spared the brunt of the storm, when it was first upgraded to a cyclone, the path it was plotted to take, would have brought it our way.

Fortunately for us, but not for Viti Levu, it changed direction & moved more west, & so took in the whole of the island.
Some reports coming out this morning aren't good, a lot of people have lost their homes or have had their houses flooded. There hasn't been much from the outer Islands as communications are still out.

At this stage there are 2 reported dead, & lots have lost all their crops & livestock.
This is very sad as Christmas is so close.
Still, we have to be thankful, it could always have been worse.

We did managed to get 1 charter out before the storm, even then, it was too rough to go pass the lighthouse.
We had to try, as the group had waited 5 days, & were to fly out on Sunday.

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