Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rough Fishing Day

The morning didn't look too bad in the harbour, but the weather man said, the seas might be a bit rough.
The couple only wanted a 3 hr charter so it was going to be a challenge to find something in that time.

Once we got to the entrance, we could see it was a little choppy, so we put the gear out & worked our way along the reef.
This morning there weren't the usual birds working just pass the lighthouse, so we headed out a little further.

The wind was starting to pick up, & the Lady started feeling sick, so we had to turn back.
About half way back, one of the lines went off, thank goodness.

The husband got into the chair, & soon had the fish on board, a small Wahoo. Now it was time to pull the gear in & head for home, as the Lady was now getting sick, think it was the fruit she ate.

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