Thursday, August 13, 2009

Launching Searov

Well the day has come around for launching Searov back into the water.
High tide is at 6.30am so everything has to be ready before that, so she can be pushed in at the top of the tide.

At 5.00am we were down at the boat, it was still dark, but all the ropes had to be attached to Searov then onto the trailer to hold her in place while she got pushed in.

I went round with Terry holding a torch so he could see what he was doing, by 6.15 everything was ready.

This time we got another person to push her in, & this man was here well on time, so once he was in position, the push began.

This operator was so much more careful, & soon Seavor was floating, ropes came off the trailer, & she was away.
A few minutes later the trailer was pulled back out of the water, to get washed down with fresh water & put away for the next time.

Now for the cleaning up, she was parked under a tree on shore, so there are a lot of leaves in the boat, it will probably take us the rest of the morning to clean her up.

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