Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Week End

Well in my last blog, we had a cyclone alert, thank goodness the cyclone decided to take a more, east south east track which missed us, & headed towards Tonga.

We still got strong winds & fairly high waves in the bay.
Unfortunately, a friend of ours had his boat sink, loosing all his electrical equipment, when the fly bridge broke off,including a brand new GPS, he had installed a little over a month ago.

Weather hasn't been great, lovely days but just about every 2 hours or so, we get heavy rain, & strong winds. That was what happened all through the Easter week end.
Heard there have been fish caught over the week end, some Spanish mackerel, & Mahi mahi, great to have the Mahimahi back.
Have to wait for the Captain to get back, before we can get out.

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