Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cruise Boat In Savusavu Again

4th April.
Most of us were worried that the Pacific Sun would cancel its visit into Savusavu, as we have been experiencing very strong winds, over the last few days, as a low hangs over the Fiji group.

Fortunately, they didn't cancel, & at times the sun came out, but not long enough to make it too humid & unpleasant for the visitors.

Our little street was invaded with the passengers, as they made their way through the stalls looking for gifts to take home.

A few of the younger passengers, couldn't help the inviting water around the Copra Shed, so dived off our pontoon to take a swim.

I think most enjoyed the break in Savusavu, before heading off again, this time for Vanuvatu.
Just before the boat sailed, we received word of a Cyclone alert for Vanua Levu!!
This is going to be fun for us with boats.

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