Monday, January 5, 2009

Calm Savusavu Morning

10th January
Terry & I went out for a quick fish on Monday, to see what was out there & give the boat a run.
As we got to the fishing spot, a big workup was happening, as we got closer the fish began to go down, we had one strike as we went through, but it didn't hook up.
A little later another hit, this time it stayed on, it put up a good fight, & soon it was in the boat, 12kg Mahimahi.
Again a work up appeared ahead, as we got closer, big yellowfin tuna were spotted jumping right out of the water.
This is such a beautiful sight to see, these big fish throwing themselves right out of the water, some so close to the boat, you could just about touch them.
The big fish just wouldn't take anything Terry put out, & he tried so many different lures, it wasn't funny.
We eventually caught a yellowfin tuna, but it was one of the smaller ones that were around. When Terry guttered it, it was full of tiny bait fish, so no wonder the big ones wouldn't take anything we put out.

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