Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fishing In Savusavu

22nd June.

I have been a little late putting up these last 2 blogs.

We had a return charter with the last family of 3, so they must have enjoyed themselves on that first charter.

There was a bit more wind on the water, when we got to the entrance, so we slowly made our way out.

Again yellow fin tuna were being caught, & again another bronze whaler was on, fortunately, this time it was on a heaver line.

Terry held the shark close to the boat, so the family could take some pictures , but it broke the line, leaving us with 1 less lure.

We had 4 Mahimahi on, but unfortunately they tried to bring the fish in too fast, & they threw the hook.

The Mahimahi that we got, into the boat, was a nice 18kg one, so they were happy with that, plus all the yellow fin tuna.

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