Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fishing Charter

15th June
This morning our charter is for a family of thee, from a local Resort.
Once on board we headed out to the sea mount, to see if there was any sign of bird life.
If there are birds working, this usually indicates that fish are also around.
Once on the mount, there were birds working, so out came the rods, it wasn't long before we had the first yellow fin tuna.
Terry had to show the family the way to work the rod, as they had never been out fishing,they were quick learners & soon we had the fish in the boat.
A couple more were in the boat, when the line went screaming out, it took the three of them about 20 mins, to finally get the fish close, so we could get a look at it, yes, it was a big bronze whaler, it snapped the line, & we lost the lure, but they had a good work out.
We managed a couple more yellow fin, & a barracuda, before the fish went down.
Moving away from the mount, we hooked onto a Mahi mahi, & on the way in, along the reef, a nice Walu.
I think the family enjoyed themselves, they did something new, caught fish, & had a lovely day on the water.

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