Monday, September 3, 2007

Third Days Charter

Friday 31st August

The wind was blowing strong all night & the seas were very rough. When Terry & Lori arrived at the boat with another resort guest, we thought they would cancel the trip for sure.
We were wrong - they still wanted to go.

It definitely was different today. There were big seas outside the reef so we put the gear out & made our way slowly to the sea mount.
Once on the mount there were just small groups of birds flying around - since the birds weren't doing much we decided to carry on & look around.

After a while we were rewarded, we saw Mahi Mahi in the water, & soon had a hook up. Terry & Grant were kept busy trying to land the mahi mahi in these rough conditions. It was a lot of fun watching, everyone clearing the deck to get away when the big bulls came in, as they were green & angry.

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