Saturday, September 1, 2007

Fishing with Two Terrys

27th August
We have had a very busy week, the last 3 charters with a very nice couple, Terry and Lori, who are here on their honeymoon, staying at one of the Resorts that we get most of our charters from.

On the first day it was a fairly easy day for us, as soon as we got to one of the fishing spots, we had strikes & this happened for most of the half day charter. We ended up taking home 34 fish, 12 yellowfin tuna & the rest skipjack tuna.

Terry (our client) did manage to get his workout from a shark which he played for about 10 mins, but lure pulled out just at the boat, thank goodness, think they managed to get pictures when the shark was close to the boat , it was a big bronze whaler.

Will put photos on once Terry sends it on to us, we were kept too busy to get to take any for ourselves.

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