Friday, May 26, 2017

Great Days Fishing

Finally the winds calmed down enough this morning so we could do a charter, we left the dock a little after 6.30.

As we got towards the light house there was still a sea so Terry started to put the lines out as it is calmer in the harbour, once lines were in the water we headed towards the seamount.

It was close to a hour & no birds or fish were to be seen, then off to the left I saw a few birds so headed towards them.

Once we reached the birds we could see a big workup, something we haven't seen for a while, our first strike was on 4 lines, we lost 1 as there were only 3 people on the deck, but 3 in the boat was a great start.

We ended up with 6 yellow fin 3 about 23-25kg the first 3 smaller, we had all the fish in the box by 9.15am, & finally able to relax & take a breather.

The ice box was full & being a hot day the ice was melting fast so headed home slowly trolling, in case a Mahimahi came our way.

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