Friday, March 18, 2016

After Winston

Well how time has flown, it is 4 weeks tomorrow since Winston hit, & still there is so much to be done.

A few of the yachts have been floated but some are still stuck high up on land because of the tidal surge that happened with the cyclone. these are waiting for the higher tides that are expected next month,

It is amazing to hear the stories about the experiences of the many that were effected during the cyclone. what is also amazing is there weren't any deaths here in Savusavu, so we were really luck in that respect.

 Terry is still busy working on the boat, but in this heat he can only do so many hours plus the property still has a lot of clearing to be done. It takes a lot to cut one of those old coconut trees up!

Because the boat is still on the trailer on shore we are getting a lot of good reports of fish being caught. that is always the way. once back in the water the fish would have gone!

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