Sunday, November 15, 2015

Yellowfin Tuna

We have had a few more charters since my last blog.

The first 2 charters we caught some good Yellow fin tuna & lost some good ones also, over the last few charters some of our good lures have gone to big fish, have now got to get online to order more lures.

Garry was someone we had taken out 2 years ago, he didn't catch as many Yellow fin as last time, but hope he still enjoyed the day, mind you we did lose a couple of big fish. 

The big Yellow fin have finally come back in, so hope the long liners keep away so we can get in some good fishing.

The last charter we went out on was more choppy then the last couple, but the people were happy to give it a try so off we went.

We had a big bull Mahimahi right to the boat before it shook its head & threw the lure, that was a shame as it would have been good for dinner.

We landed a barracuda, small Yellow fin & a good size Skip jack tuna, also hooked a blue Marlin, but were only able to play it for a few minutes before it threw the hook, fortunately we saw it jump before throwing the hook so at least they got to see it! 

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