Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Blue Marlin caught in Savusavu

We weren't able to go fishing last week,  as the Trade Winds have set in so it was  pretty rough once pass the lighthouse

Managed to put Searov up on the beach to check stern legs & change the oil in them, so that job is done.

Went out yesterday with a group of men from Australia, on our way a few birds were working but looked like small salasala so didn't waste to much time, a little further on, another bunch of birds, this time we got a small skippy.

Finally on the mount, but nothing was working, also no birds to be seen, so gradually made our way  toward the reef, to see if we could pick up something

This also was a waste of time as nothing was working there also. not even a barracuda!

Slowly worked our way to the sea mount, when all of a sudden we had our first strike, It was a Marlin, the boat suddenly came to life,  rods were brought in as the Marlin started to jump out of the water, peeling off line.

Now the work to bring it in, it had taken a far amount of line so it would take some time to wind it all back in.  After 45 mins the line just went slack, guess it just wasn't hooked!

Everyone now settling back in their seats & Terry starts to put all the lines back in the water, finally all lines are set & everyone relaxing when again the line just starts to peel out & another Marlin starts to jump at the back of the boat & peeling off line.

Richard settles into the game chair & starts to reel in line but the Marlin now just takes off, a scream from Richard, forward fast as I am running out of line!
Again the Marlin is jumping out of the water but screaming ahead reeling off line.
"I am just about out of line says Richard so Terry takes Searov ahead with more speed, finally Richard is able to get line back onto the reel so he won't be spooled.

This goes on for a while & all the anglers are given time in the chair to help bring it in.
Finally after a hour 45mins it was brought close enough to the boat to be able to be gaffed.
The last couple of mins the fish was easy to bring in, so once close to the boat we saw the reason for this.

Sharks had bitten off chunks of the meat close to the tail, & as it was brought in,
the sharks were following it to the boat. At last the Marlin is secured onto the buckboard & we head for home.

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