Monday, July 21, 2014

A Good Days Fishing

Since Josh caught the Black Marlin we have had a few fishing charters, to keep us busy.

We had a family from Melbourne, try their hand at fishing in Savusavu, that day we caught some Mahimahi & a sailfish.

The sailfish took line out after doing some good jumps showing us its sail, the family had released a few fish already & had decided to also release the sail.
It must have heard  because as Terry got ready to try & take the lure out, it shook it's head & was gone.

Another charter was with a couple on honeymoon from the US, it was the wife's  first time fishing, so hubby wanted her to catch the fish.

That day we caught some good Mahimahi (lost a few) Walu & a nice Trevally, so that was a good day out on the water.

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