Sunday, January 26, 2014


Weather here in Savusavu has been extremely hot over the last week or so, thankfully we got some heavy rain yesterday to cool things down & fill the water tanks.

Fishing hasn't been the best, guess it is too hot even for the fish.

Had a trip across to Koro Island on Thursday to pick up guests, on the way over & back there wasn't a bird to be seen, this is very unusual, we usually see something working out there.

Have had a couple of fishing charters, saw big Yellowfin but only the smaller ones were taking the lure, did manage to get a couple of very nice Mahimahi though.

Time to antifoul Searov again there are very high tides start on Friday so weather permitting Terry will be busy scraping all the oyster shells off the hull & changing stern drive oil.

We don't have anywhere to pull her out so have to beach her to do all the work so it takes 2 days, one day for each side.

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