Saturday, July 13, 2013


Over the last week or so, once the weather cleared, we had a couple of charters.

On Friday 5th we took out a couple from one of the resorts,  the wind had died down a little so thought we would give it a try

We worked our way to the sea mount, but nothing much was happening, so along the reef we went.

Had a couple of good strikes & ended up with a decent size Barracuda, managed to land this making sure everyone was clear as it was brought in.

Nothing else happened so worked our way back to the sea mount, where we had a hook up with a Marlin, once Henry was in the chair the Marlin started doing some good jumps then tail walked right across the back of the boat, snapped the line & was gone. .

We did a few big circles but nothing else happened, the Marlin was probably half way to Koro with our new lure still hanging out of it's mouth.

On the way home we came across a long current line with lots of seaweed, trolled along this for a while we managed to get a couple of Mahi mahi, lost a nice one at the boat but did manage to bring the next one onboard.

Our next charter was to be a little more challenging!

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