Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Ferry for Savusavu

We had a fair bit of rain yesterday afternoon, but this morning it has all cleared so now we have sunshine & blue skies.
That rain was good for the garden & water tanks though.

We had Searov on the hard yesterday, trying to decide whether to anti foul her or just scrubbed the bottom, well thank goodness Terry just scrubbed, the paint wouldn't have dried in that rain.

Another shipping company has started servicing Savusavu, hopefully it will bring in more competition so we will get a better service from Suva.

Sometimes the shops run out of basic items because of the breakdown in the shipping services. The cargo & trucks that comes on these ferry's also service the town of Labasa.

Savusavu has been very quiet not many tourist around, with luck the cruise boat expected next month will bring in some revenue for the town.

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