Monday, July 11, 2011

Fishing In Savusavu

At last it is good to report that the fish are back.
Had a charter on Wednesday from a Family of 4 from the States.

Heading out that morning, Terry & I were a little worried, as the fish haven't been in the usual places.

Anyway, as we approached the mount I could see birds in the distance, & soon the fish were taking the lures.

We had a few double strikes, small Yellowfin tuna, then the outer line went off with a bang, & a Marlin had taken the lure, soon it was jumping out of the water, but then it threw the hook.

Everyone was a bit disappointed but a few minutes later, the line went off again.
We all thought the Marlin had come back, this time it went straight down, so now the work to bring it back to the surface began.

It took about 15 mins to get it to the surface, a nice Yellowfin Tuna close to 20kg.
We caught another Yellowfin 15kg & a lot of the smaller ones.

Soon we were heading home, on the way in we lost a Mahimahi, but caught another Yellowfin 12kg just as we came in the entrance.

The Family were very happy with the fish, it was going to be fish on the menu for a few days I think?

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Freewind said...

That was one lucky Marlin!