Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Weekend

The last few days have been cloudy with rain showers, thank goodness Terry decided to anti foul Searov on Monday & Tuesday.

Both days were beautiful, although very hot for the work involved, it was great for drying paint.

This job always takes us 2 days, as we can only do 1 side at a time, we beach her on the beach at high tide, & wait for the tide to recede, paint her, then wait for the tide to come back in so we can re float her.

On Tuesday night while waiting for the high tide, we watched the ferry that takes passengers & cargo to Viti Levu, the main Island of Fiji, load up at the main wharf.

This morning the sky was a lovely red, a bit stormy looking, but great to take photos of.

Happy Easter everyone.

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