Thursday, March 10, 2011

Great Day Fishing

We couldn't make up our minds whether we were going to go out or not, so were a little late getting out on the water.

As we approached the usual fishing spot I could see a good work up ahead.
Once all the lines were in the water we made our way to the work up.

It looked like schools of skip jack tuna, we managed a hook up & yes it was Skippies.

There were a lot of birds & fish around, it wasn't long before & we had a nice size Yellowfin Tuna in the boat, about 10kg.

While I was driving, I could see big Yellowfin jumping out of the water in front of the boat, but were gone as soon as we caught up.

This went on for a while, them disappearing just as we got to where they were feeding.

Suddenly the line went screaming out, Terry grabbed the reel while I came down to bring the rest of the lines in.

Finally it stopped taking line & Terry was able to start to reel in line, then it started to peel out again, then went down.

Terry settled in for a fight, & I went back upstairs, at one stage we thought we might have a shark on.
It took about 20 mins to bring it to where we saw colour & then to see it was a nice Yellowfin Tuna.

Once the gaff was in I helped him pull it in, just as it hit the deck, the lure fell out, boy we were so lucky.

Once back at the dock we weighed it, a nice 35kg fish. That was a good day.

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