Monday, January 24, 2011

Fishing Mahi Mahi

We haven't been out for a few weeks as Terry had to take a part to New Zealand for servicing.

He installed it on Friday so took Searov out for a run on Sunday to see if everything was working.

Everything seemed to be working well so decided to carry on & do a fish.

There was a lot of action on the mount when we go there, but it seemed like small stuff, we got a couple of Skippys, but nothing big seemed to be amongst them, so decided to look for something a bit bigger, elsewhere.

Soon we had a nice 10kg Mahi Mahi in the boat, a little later we had another Mahi Mahi on, this time it was a bull & he was jumping all over the place, this was a worry as we had a few lines out at the time.

Eventually he was in the boat, & into the box.
Now it was time to head home as it was getting really hot out on the water.

Last week we had a unexpected visitor, land in our property.
Close to midnight a truck traveling on the road beside us, stalled & came down the hill, & overturned into my garden.

No one was hurt but it took away a lot of my hedge & garden.

They got a crane in the morning to pull the truck out, but this also started to slide downhill & took more of the garden out as it came to a stop.

Eventually they took our advise & brought in a digger to pull the truck out.

Now I have to start getting cuttings to do a replant, I lost a lot of the red torch ginger plant, but fortunately the roots are still there, so it shouldn't be too long before they grow up again.

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Ron said...

Nice catch! Good to have the freezer topped up, Terry.
Good no-one was hurt in the accident, sorry to hear about your garden, Trevina. Hope everything grows back soon.