Friday, November 26, 2010

Yellowfin in Savusavu

We have been very fortunate on our last few fishing trips. the weather has been good for fishing, & the fish have been there.

Out at our usual spot, we have come across Yellowfin Tuna feeding, sometimes really good work ups.

On one of the trips out, we got a 19kg, 2 11kg, & a few smaller Yellowfin, that was one of the best days we have had in a long time. A few families got to eat fish that day.

A lot of the time we had double & triple strikes, a couple of times, just as we put the line back in the water, it was hit again, that's what we call a good days fishing

The trip yesterday wasn't as good, the fish were harder to find, & didn't stay up for very long.

They managed to get 12 Yellowfin into the boat, loosing a few on the way in. While in a school of Yellowfin we had a double strike, but this time the sharks got to them before they could bring them in.

Tom played a bronze whaler for about 15 mins, got it to the boat a few times, but Terry saw it had the lure in part of his mouth, so cut the line.

This was the lure that had been catching most of the fish, so it was a disappointment, apart from the expense of loosing a good lure.

The guest took all the fish back to the Resort, to give to the village near the Resort.
There was a death in the village, & this would help feed them.
Fish is never wasted here, there is always someone to give the catch too.

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