Sunday, October 31, 2010

Savusavu Weather.

It has been months since we have had any decent rainfall in Fiji, water has had to be carted to Islands off the mainland, as they had run out of drinking water.
A lot of us in Savusavu are on tank water, so without decent rainfall for so long, our tanks were starting to run dry.

Well, over the last 2 weeks we have had enough rain to fill our water tanks, 10 times over.
This is good news for most of the Fiji Islands, as we were all in a similar situation.

The farmers are happy again, the ground, was so dry before this rain, that it was beginning to crack, crops & the vegetation were turning brown.
Now everywhere is again, that lovely lush green colour, trouble now is, the lawn is growing twice as fast.

We haven't managed to do any fishing lately as the weather has been too rough, we had a charter but had to cancel, as a strong wind warning was declared for our area, & the people left before it calmed down again.

Our bananas, breadfruit & pawpaw's are finally starting to ripen, we lost most of our crop during the cyclone & it has taken this long to come right.

Over the last 6 months or so, fresh fruit & vegetables have had to be brought in from Suva to be sold in our local market, as all the local crops, hadn't fully recovered.

The cyclone season is just upon us again, so hopefully we will be able to enjoy some of the fruit before the destructive winds come & destroy it again.

These are photos of the full moon, taken at dawn from our property.

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