Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Good Morning Fishing In Savusavu

For the last month, the weather hasn't been great for fishing, and reports from fisherman going out haven't been encouraging.
This year we have had a lot of days with very strong winds, blowing 20 to 25 knots.
We did take a couple of trips out, but we only got as far as the entrance, it was too rough, & people got sick, so we had to make our way home.
Yesterday we did manage to get out past the entrance. Later on it became a little bumpy but the young couple were fine with it, the wife felt a little squeeze but was strong enough to put up with it for her husband.
We had to do a lot of looking around as the fish had done their early morning rise when we got to the mount. (A friend was out at dawn & caught some yellow fin).
There weren't any real work ups but we did manage to get some nice fish.
Our charter was a couple from Australia, & he was pleased with his catch.
We had to weigh his Trevally as it took him a good 15mins to bring in. It was 16.5kg on 15kg line.
Also caught Mahi mahi, Walu, Wahoo, Rainbow runner,& a couple of others.
Not a bad morning at all considering we also lost another 3 fish through foul hook ups

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