Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yellowfin Tuna

On Friday morning the Pacific Dawn cruise ship arrived for another day visit, to our little town.
On Wednesday & Thursday the whole of the Fiji group, had experienced very, heavy rain, with a lot of places being flooded out.

We were so fortunate that on Friday it all cleared away & the sun shone through, to give our visitors a lovely day, so they were able to go on the tours, & wonder around the town, in a clear day.

On Saturday we took out a couple, & were fortunate to be able to catch another Yellow fin Tuna before the fishing went dead.
We caught the fish in the first 40mins away from the wharf.

The fish just don't seem to be around this year, no one has caught a Mahi Mahi for ages. Guess it has to do with the weather pattern or something!!!

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