Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Savusavu Morning

In the early mornings it is cool, with beautiful calm seas, then by 8.00 the sun gets up & it is so hot, you can't get much done.
Usually by lunch time we get a heavy tropical rain downpour, that clears the air, & it is cool enough to carry on with jobs that have to be done.
There aren't very many tourist around so business is very slack, a couple of Resorts have closed down for a month to do maintenance, in this slow season.
We went out on Sunday to give the boat a run, it was another beautiful day on the water, at first we saw a few good work ups, then as it got hotter, all the fish were gone, so we came back home about 9.00.
We caught a couple of nice Yellowfin, & a good number of Skippys.

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