Sunday, October 19, 2008

Savusavu Fishing

15th October.

The day started fine, but by the time we had the boat ready, & were waiting for the Guest to arrive, the heavens opened, & the rain just poured down.

We really didn't expect them to arrive, as a lot of the people that book charters, aren't really fishing people, most just like to do something different while on holiday.

Anyway this couple liked to fish, so the rain didn't deter them one little bit.
Once out of the harbour the rain disappeared, but there was still a swell running, this also didn't worry them, so we were heading off to find some fish.

The day ended up with them catching 6 yellowfin tuna & 4 skippjack tuna, plus a barracuda.
They left for the resort with half of the fish, before I could take a picture of the whole catch.

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