Thursday, February 28, 2008

Savusavu Mahimahi

25th February
Well we managed to get out today, it was calm seas with a slight breeze, but it was only 7.30 & already it was starting to heat up, so it was going to be another hot one.

It wasn't long until we hooked up on a Mahimahi, so we now had lunch, we only just got it into the boat, when it threw the hook, boy we were lucky.

After a short while our 24kg rod went off with a bang, reeling line out so fast.
We had the game chair back at the house, as we were varnishing it, so Terry had to grab the rod & work it between his legs!!!

It was hard going, after it look 2 runs, it went straight down, about 40mins later we got a look at it, it was our old enemy, a big bronze whaler shark, Terry got it to the boat, before it snapped the line & took off with yet another one of our lures.

We had a nice yellowfin tuna on a bit later, but by the time it got to the boat we only had the head. It was time to head home as the sharks were getting more of the fish, then we were.

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