Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tropical Cyclone Tomas

All the warnings went out across Fiji on Friday, as the Tropical Depression was upgraded to a Cyclone.

All the schools closed their doors, at lunch time, & the children were sent home.
A bit early I thought, as it is still days away, but guess they have to take precautions , once the Cyclone warning has gone out.

This time Savusavu will be very lucky to escape damage, as the Track shows it going right through Vanua Levu especially Savusavu.
Well, all we can do is prepare for it by making everything around the house secure.
Searov has been put on her mooring, & tied down as secure as one can do. Just have to hope all the boats ride it out without too much damage.
All pontoons & walkways have also been dismantled from the Copra Shed & taken to a secure mooring.

Next thing is to store some good drinking water, as sometimes it takes a few days to restore electricity back, & all the town water relies on electricity.

It is a good thing the Cyclone has slowed down, this gives us more time to prepare. The winds are getting stronger than they were earlier in the morning, so it must be getting closer.

Well that's it for now, will post something once Tomas has passed.

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lynne said...

Hope my son is ok he is serving an LDS mission and is stationed in Savusavu, have not heard from him as yet.