Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Recovering After Hurricane Tomas

Well it has been a week since Hurricane Tomas caused all the destruction in the Fiji Islands.

Reports coming from the Lau Group, haven't been good, there has been a lot of houses & crops destroyed.
A family with 4 children, lost their yacht during the hurricane, but thankfully are all safe.

The strong winds have left all vegetation brown. so hillsides that once were lush with different shades of green, are now all brown.
Thankfully Mother nature will soon put it back the was it was.

We have spent the last week clearing & cutting up the coconut trees, to make it easier to dispose of, we did manage to save a few trees, just have to wait & see if they grow back.

We were out on the boat last Thursday & saw the RNZAF plane doing one of the checks of the Island, for damage

On Tuesday night after Tomas, we had such a lovely sunset, guess a lot of people like us, sighed a sigh of relief.

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