Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Years 2017

                                     New Years Morning 2017

Happy New Years to everyone ,hope 2017 will be a better one then 2016 for most of us living in Fiji after the Cyclone in February.

Thankfully the year ended on a nigh for us thanks to a lovely couple from Melbourne Australia.

We left the dock a little after 7am heading out to the sea mount, a little pass the lighthouse Terry started putting the lines out, it wasn't long before one of the lines went screaming out, then nothing, whatever it was that took the line decided it didn't want it!

A little further along we hooked up again this time it stayed on & it was a nice Mahimahi,  then a fairly decent size Barracuda.

Arriving at the sea mount was a little disappointing, not a sigh of any life at all no birds working & no sigh of fish, we did the usual runs to see if anything was working somewhere in the area but there wasn't.

Thankfully birds were finally spotted so we headed to the area where we picked up another barracuda, then we go into a school of fish, at first the fish wouldn't take anything we put out, then we got some hits.

We ended up with a nice Yellow fin & 3 skipjack tuna so in total 7 fish, wasn't great but not a bad day.

Unfortunately I didn't get photos but have been promised  that the photos would be sent on once they get home.

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