Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Cyclone Winston

It is a week since Winston surprised us with a category 5.
We were fortunately one of the lucky ones, we were safe & so was the house and boat, but the property is a mess.
We lost 10 coconut trees & most of the banana trees, our breadfruit & avocado trees have a good trim.
But these things will grow back like the flowers. It is the people that have lost everything that will take time to recover & rebuild their lives.
There were about 18 boats that were damaged some beyond repair, it is a sad sight to drive around  & see the yachts in the mangroves & along the coast line some were home to their owners.
We had given our cyclone mooring to a boat as we were on land, unfortunately for him 2 yachts broke their mooring interlocked & moved down the anchorage area hitting the boat on our mooring overturing it, & carried on hitting boats along the way until they washed up on the shoreline.
Some of the town area have phone & electricity but some like us will have a long wait, power poles & lines are still down along the roadside.
Looking out from our porch towards the airport everything looks so bleak all the lush greenery is replaced by trees without any leaves .some look  like they should be in a desert.
Hopefully the people that have nothing left of their homes will get assistants soon.

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