Sunday, December 28, 2014

Merry Christmas

I am a little late wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, hope you all had a wonderful day.

The weather has finally come right so managed to do a couple of fishing trips

Trif caught a nice Mahimahi on the day we went out, there was still a big roll out pass the lighthouse so didn't stay long out there, we came back in & spent a hour or more swimming at split rock, Georgia had fun feeding the little fish.

Yesterday we had a afternoon fish, the roll was still there & some times fairly big ones.

The family we had on board caught 2 nice Mahimahi & on the way home had a double strike which ended up being Yellowfin Tuna, the fist one on, reeled out a long way, but as it got to the boat we could only see the head, rest was taken by a shark,
Thankfully  the other Yellowfin was whole when we got it into the boat!

We were so lucky to get the Yellowfin as I had gone through a few schools of them but they just wouldn't take anything, they were just jumping out of the water having fun.

On the way back up the harbour we came across dolphins that followed the boat for about 5 mins giving us a great sight to end the day on.

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