Sunday, July 13, 2014

Josh & His First Black Marlin

We have managed to get in 3 charters this week, thanks to the weather changing from strong winds on Tuesday, to calmer seas on the Wednesday.

On Wednesday we took out a family from New Zealand holidaying at Savasi Island Resort.

Once on the sea mount we could see small patches of birds but they weren't really doing much, after a while we managed to hook up & bring in a couple of yellow fin.

About 2hrs into the charter one of the big rods went off, then nothing, again a minute or two later it went again nothing.   The third time it took the 15kg line & this time it went out with a blast.

All of a sudden the boat was in utter chaos, there was a mad rush to bring in the other rods, then it was decided that Josh would be the one to sit in the game chair & fight the fish.

The Marlin did a few jumps then started to take line out, this went on for a long time Josh bringing in line when Terry backed up on it, then loosing it again as the Marlin took off.

With instructions from Dad & Grandad Josh finally got the Marlin close to the boat & Terry & Dad were able to gaff it & bring it on board, this took him one hour & a half.

This was such a great effort for Josh who is only 10yrs old, he worked it like a processional especially as it was on a 15kg line.

Well done Josh from us all. you were right it didn't get away!

When his Dad asked " Josh can you handle it?"  "yes I have been waiting for this all my life, it won't get away" remarked the 10yr old!


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