Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cyclone Evan

What a relief this morning to wake up & see the sun & calmer seas.

The last few days have been very hard on the body & mind
We had a fishing  charter on Friday ( more about this in the next blog), then Saturday we had to put Searov on her cyclone mooring, & make her secure.
Then it was back to the property to make the house safe by putting up sheets of plywood against all the glass windows & doors, big job.

Also we had to go around cutting leaves off the banana  trees & coconut trees to try & save them from being blown over, also clearing anything likely to fall on power lines
This did help but we lost a lot of trees, also about 40 small avocados off the tree.

As Evan grew closer on Sunday we just stayed indoor & hoped our preparations were enough.

It was a sleepless night as we heard the wind getting stronger & stronger, not having electricity (went off about 7pm) made it a little more eerie.plus now Internet was out so couldn't get any reports.  Radio stations always get weaker in these situations.

Once it was dawn we could look out to see what damage had been done, the house stood up really well & the ply over the windows stopped the rain blowing up through the louvers
The garden was a mess, but things grow so quick in the tropics it won't be long before it is all back like before, only well trimmed.

After breakfast we went down to see how the boats had faired in the harbour, Searov looked good dancing around on her mooring, the 2 big boats that beached themselves, hadn't hit anyone
One yacht had come off its' mooring & hit 2 boats on the way down, before being secured onto the Copra Shed dock.

It was making a mess of the dock as it was too heavy, so Geof & Terry had to try & make it so it wouldn't take the dock out.
This took about 2 hrs, sometimes really gusty winds would sweep through making it hard for them to do what had to be done.

I think after hearing the reports, we were once again lucky to have escaped the way we did, there was a lot of flooding & damaged to trees in the town but it looked fairly safe.

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Zim said...

All looks really terrible. In our TV there was something about this cyclone, but only in addition to Philippines. Greetings from Poland.