Saturday, January 2, 2010

Namale Guests Enjoy Fishing

I am a little late with these wishes, but better late than never.
A Merry Christmas & a Happy New Years to you all, may 2010 be a good one.

It was a quiet Christmas in Savusavu, this is mostly a time spent with families, a lot of people come back to spend Christmas in Savusavu with relatives.

The town was very busy with shoppers, more so once the buses arrived at the bus stand from the outer villages, usually about 10am, that's when the town quickly became a hive of activity, it is amazing to see just how many people live around this area.

We haven't been out fishing for a long while. the weather just hasn't been suitable
This morning the winds died down, so were able to take out guest from Namale Resort.

We headed out just before 8.00, which is normally late for us, but Fiji has this year decided to have Daylight Saving, so really it was only 7.00am

Once at the mount, birds were spotted & soon we had hook ups, about 4 triple strikes. This caused a few tangles but that all adds to the fun.

There were 3 guests on board so this worked out fine, most of the fish were small yellowfin, but we did have 3 good hook ups, which we lost, but fortunately only lost one lure.
We think it was a Wahoo & broke the nylon trace.

Once back at the dock, we did a tally, 17 Yellowfin 2 Skippys, the staff at the resort will be very happy.

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Fish Whisperer said...

Nice catch. The weather here is so bad we can not get out to fish.
Happy New Year
Callan and Rosie