Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Joe's Fishing

It is the last day in September, just don't know where this month has gone.
In between all the strong wind we have been having, we managed to get out on a charter with a young couple from one of the resorts on Savusavu.

It wasn't too bad outside the lighthouse but the wife wasn't too happy with the conditions, so we came back into the harbour.
Working our way along the reef, we managed to get a nice Walu, Joe also caught a couple of other fish he hadn't caught before, as most of his fishing was done on the lakes, so he was very pleased.

We also saw a school of dolphins, & two separate turtles along the way, so they were very pleased with the trip.
They managed to take some nice photos, of the reefs, dolphins & turtles, for the family back in the States.

This was caught near your spot Jim.

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