Saturday, November 1, 2008

Paul Lands His Tuna

Paul was in the chair, & working really hard, after 1/2hr Paul was getting a ribbing from his friends, tell him to work harder, to hurry up & bring the fish in, so we could carry on fishing.
The fish just wasn't coming up, at this stage we thought it could be a big bronze whaler shark, Paul was getting a little tired, but just kept working the fish up, a little bit at a time.
Just over a hour it started to surface, then we got a look at it.
It was a lovely yellowfin tuna, as he came up, we saw a big shark swimming close by.
Now, everyone was shouting FASTER FASTER.
We got it to the boat, using 2 gaffs, the fish was eventually in the boat.
Everyone was cheering, & Paul had a great big smile on his face, now it was time for a beer, after all that hard work, he deserved one.
Congratulations Paul.
Will add photos of the Tuna on shore later.

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