Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Great Day Fishing

27th August.

I am a bit late writing this one up.
It was such a beautiful day, Terry & I decided to take Searov out to give the engines a run, as we hadn't been out for over a week.

We were a little late getting away, & when we got to the mount, only small fish seemed to be around.

After working the area for a hour & only getting small yellow fin, we thought we would move away, when suddenly, one line went screaming out, then we saw it, a nice Mahimahi.

We were a lot happier now, that we had that on board.
It wasn't long before, we had 2 more Mahimahi.

After this, we decided to head for home, as it was getting really hot, out on the water.

On the way home we picked up another 2 Mahimahi, so that was a great days fishing. 5 Mahimahi & 4 yellow fin.
The biggest Mahimahi weighed in just under 15kg.


小喬 said...

Good big fish!!

mizlan said...

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