Friday, November 2, 2007

Dolphins & Searov

28th October.

It was another beautiful morning when we departed the Copra Shed marina, at 6.30. with a young couple from Britain.
We headed straight out to the usual place where we do most of our fishing, there were birds working, so we got the fishing gear out.

It wasn't too long before we had our first strike it looked like a yellow fine tuna, just as it was brought in there was a big splash & the line went reeling out. Yes a big bronze whaler shark had taken the fish.
After a good work out,( these sharks do put up a fight) the line snapped & we lost yet another lure to sharks.

We moved away for a while, because once sharks are around, there isn't any way we are able to bring fish in, before the sharks attack.

Our day was made, we came across a school of Dolphins, these are such beautiful creatures, they were diving under the boat, alongside, in front of the boat, just all over. I was sorry I missed the shot, of one Dolphin leaping right out of the water, just by the boat.

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